Our Landscape Consultation Services

Understanding your Space

Since no two places are identical, we always start by understanding both the space and its users. This is typically done through a on the ground assessment of the landscape, and a simple chat with its users. We are interested to find out what your users like or dislike about the space, how they wish to use it and how it can best complement them. Additionally, to ensure efficiency, we may ask for your intended project budget.

Analysing your Space

Through scientific methods, we perform soil tests, note geographic conditions like sunlight and rain, and take measurements of the space. These factors not only allow us to determine how to create a landscape that is sustainable, but also one that maximises its surroundings.

Proposing Changes to your Space 

Based on information we have gathered in the first two steps, we make recommendations together with their preliminary costing. To effectively convey the idea and to minimise miscommunications, we may use mediums such as drawings, plan views, images of key design elements and samples of plants or materials. Furthermore, we are transparent with the future maintenance required for the proposed landscape, thereby allowing you to make an informed decision.